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More (friends) is Less (money) Mondays

Hang out with your friends AND save some money with our More is Less Mondays.  Bring 2 friends, get 10% off your meal.  3 friends, 15% off….. Bring 6 friends or more, and get 30% off!

* Dine-in only.  Excludes alcohol.  Other conditions may apply.

Student Discount

Students get 20% off, Mon to Fri, 2PM to 5PM

Because our students all deserve a little break during the day, students get 20% off at Salad King every weekday between 2 – 5PM.

* Some conditions apply.  Please ask our staff for more details.

Free eatz from Salad King

Are you a Chili Lover?

When you eat at Salad King, don’t forget to grab a membership to our Chili Lovers Club.  Collect 10 stamps* and you get a free meal on us!

* Limit of one stamp per main per person per visit.  Membership is an individual privilege!

Now with two locations!

The Story of Salad King

The Story of Salad King

Once Upon a Thai

In a magical, far away place called Thailand, someone put some herbs, spices, vegetables and seafood into a pot, and Thai Food was invented, and it was delicious.


Picture it: 1981. Raiders of the Lost Ark is a box office hit. Olivia Newton-John is getting “Physical” on the FM dial. And thanks to Jane Fonda and the fitness craze sweeping the continent, salads are allll the rage. On a quiet day on Gould Street in Toronto, a King is born.


Enter three friends who take over the floundering salad restaurant with two things in mind: Thai food and Peameal Bacon Sandwiches.


In a time when alt-rock was still alt-rock and Game Boys were the hot new gadget, the three friends decided they wanted to travel the globe and needed someone else to take over their kingdom. Along came two brave entrepreneurs named Ernie & Linda, who saw potential in this dark kingdom (it was dark because it needed new lights).


Ernie & Linda, who had never worked in a restaurant before, began to transform the kingdom into the Thai utopia we know and love today. Changes included upgrading to a slightly less horrible PA system, importing and perfecting traditional Thai recipes, and painting the walls bright pink.


After perfecting favourite dishes like their homemade curries, Evil Jungle Prince and their legendary Phud Thai, and finally giving up on a PA system, Ernie and Linda had found a new recipe for success: award-wining interior design and more people to deliver their friendly service. They also discovered they had a second floor and used it to open a second concept, “Linda Restaurant”, with a fancier menu.


Needing more room to spread their wings, Linda Restaurant moved to a new location at the Shops at Don Mills. Leaving 2 floors of Salad King goodness on Gould Street all the time.


Disaster strikes! A wall on the exterior of the building begins to collapse causing the kingdom to close suddenly for safety reasons. Several months later, a five-alarm fire consumed the entire building Salad King once called home. The future of the kingdom was dire, and the people mourned.


Finally, after over 8 months of silence and uncertainty, Ernie and Linda announced the return of Salad King, and the people rejoiced. Perched on a throne high above Yonge Street, mere steps from the former location, the new Salad King was bigger, bolder, and tastier than ever before.


Thanks to the ongoing support of the kingdom, Salad King hosted over 1000 guests per day. Feeding a mix of students from the neighbouring Ryerson University campus, shoppers from bustling Yonge Street, business people from nearby offices, and fans from across the globe. It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since Ernie and Linda took over. So we celebrated by starting up a food truck for the summer to bring Salad King food all to our fans all over Toronto.


We say goodbye to Linda Modern Thai at the Shops of Don Mills. But whenever one door closes, another door starts to crack….


The streets are paved with golden curry and the future looks bright! It’s the perfect time to move forward with plans to open our long-awaited second location! Right? What could possibly go wrong? Surely nothing stop this plan from moving forward. We’ve even found the perfect location: Queen Street West! Enter 2020…


Like the rest of the world, 2020 has been a challenging year for us. But after many many many delays, an extended lockdown period, and re-evaluating our COVID-19 policies several times over, we feel extremely lucky and excited to finally launch our second location. It’s taken us 30 years to open our second Salad King and we’ve finally made it. Thanks for your patience, and for doing your part to keep the world safe! We are so looking forward to seeing you all again on Yonge and on Queen!